Below are some of the alterations we’ve worked on in the recent past. If you would like to find out more about any of these designs, please get in touch and we’d be happy to give you more details and chat about your project.

Marshall Addition, Nelson St

An extension to one of Wanganui’s Classic Stucco Villas in College Estate. This project included the removal of an existing lean-to with an extension adding 4.5m in length. Wheel chair access was a priority, as was keeping the original character of the home. The grooved soffits and interior timber panelling are great examples of old school craftsmanship.
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Johnston Addition, Gumtree Rise

A successful alteration blends in seamlessly with the existing building. This was achieved with this second storey master bedroom addition. Extensive views of the sea and the mountain were a priority. The add on looks as though it was part of the original home.
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Harrison alteration

A massive undertaking to modernise this 4/5 bedroom home in Springvale, adding a second storey master bedroom, ensuite, study, new double glazed joinery throughout and a total reclad with a mix of longrun colorsteel and solid plaster. Extensively redecorated throughout, all done with the family of 5 in residence throughout the winter. The result speaks for itself!
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